Laboratory Safety

How is safety managed in your laboratory?

  • Have you assessed the risk of the substances you are using?
  • Does everyone have the right gloves for the chemicals they use?
  • Is safety included in all your test methods and work procedures?
  • Are you storing substances correctly?
  • Are you disposing of your chemical and biological waste correctly?
  • Are your workstations ergonomically set up?
  • Could you respond to a laboratory emergency?


ACE Health and Safety Specialists have the expertise to help you excel in the management of health & safety in your laboratory. Our Specialists can assist you with:

  • Design & Planning to meet legislation
  • Laboratory operations
  • Chemical storage
  • Dangerous Goods risk assessments
  • Walkthrough inspections
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk management strategies
  • Emergency planning


Our Specialists can assist you to achieve best practice and comply with AS/NZS 2243 Safety in laboratories.