4 Stage Business WHS Assist Package

What is it?

This is a 4 stage program developed over years of servicing small business to assist you to integrate your WHS activities into the work you are doing to prevent injuries, establish a reputation with your clients and assist you at the tender stage to improve your ability to access and keep contracts.

Prices quoted for this service are for the metropolitan area in Perth Western Australia and are subject to a vehicle use charge.

Contact us for a separate quotation if your business is located outside the Perth Western Australian metropolitan region.

How does it work?

There are four stages to this program which will assist you to build your WHS portfolio in line with your business objectives at a pace that suits yourself and your business. We can also provide and support to complete actions arising out the 4 Stage Business WHS Assist Package as required:


Who are our Specialists?

Our Specialists are all experienced and qualified practitioners. We seek to match the specialist with your business requirements. To find out more about our current specialist team visit the Meet our Team page.