Construction Health and Safety

ACE Health and Safety Specialists Pty Ltd offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your construction health, safety and environment needs.

Construction Audits
We offer the following construction audits with set prices for metropolitan areas:

  • Suitability Audits – We assess your safety management plan against the national Standard for construction and WA legislation.  $750 plus GST
  • Compliance Audits – We visit your construction site and audit staff and contractor compliance against your safety management plan. $750 plus GST


 Safety Management Plans
We can supply you with a Safety Management Plan which meets the requirements of the National Standard for Construction 2006 for $1500 plus GST.  This plan can be further customised for your business for an additional $2400 plus GST.


Risk Registers & Risk Assessments
We can help you develop risk registers for your project and business.  Our experienced staff can help you meet your legal requirement to identify hazards and implement practical controls.  Our staff can also conduct risk assessments for plant, manual tasks and chemicals.


Contact Us
Give us a call on 08 9478 3688 or email to discuss your needs with one of our approachable Specialists.