Aged Care

‘Understanding and respect for the aged care environment’

Our aged care philosophy
More and more people are moving into aged care, and the health ans safety of residents and staff is becoming a primary concern. Families desire to know their loved ones live in a safe and fully assessed environment.

How can we help?
Our OSH Specialists can assist you in conducting assessments and developing programs to manage:

  • Residential worksheds
  • Health assessment for workshop suitability
  • Staff Injury Management Programs
  • Traffic management
  • Chemical management e.g. pools or craft supplies
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Appropriate ergonomic requirements for seniors e.g. chairs
  • Nursing home staff training
  • Health and Safety Representative training
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning


Our Specialists have hands-on experience across many industries.  We are able to tailor our programs to meet your business needs.

In addition we can offer:

  • Training in specific hazard management
  • Hazardous Substances Auditing
  • Biological monitoring
  • Health hazard identification
  • Safety systems development & review
  • Training and assessment for seniors who use the onsite workshops


Unsure where to start?
Call us on 94783688 or email to discuss your needs with one of our approachable Specialists.